Selecting Your SIPP Provider

When it comes to selecting your SIPP provider there is a wide array to choose from. While some of these names are more renowned than others, it is recommended that you search for the SIPP that more suits your needs rather than being a well-known provider. You should look to see if the product offered suits your investment needs for your required portfolio.

A trust based SIPP that is not linked to an insurance company will offer the most investment flexibility. You should also consider what the investment style for your SIPP may be. You may have experience in purchasing and selling currencies, however your investment choices may be restricted depending on your provider.

It is essential that you take advice from a qualified wealth manager to ensure that you select the SIPP best suited for your requirements. If you select a SIPP that allows you to invest in commercial property, you should seek a provider than can help perform important tasks on your behalf, such as maintaining properties and managing leases.